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  • White ECO-SOL MAX Ink

    White ECO-SOL MAX™ Ink is the only white ink solution on the market today that allows you to take advantage of Roland's award-winning SOLJET print/cut technology in a user-friendly eco-solvent environment.

    Feature Summary

    • Based on Roland’s award-winning ECO-SOL MAX™ ink and formulated exclusively for the SOLJET PRO III XC-540
    • Ideal for packaging comps, decorative window films, signs, labels, decals and point of purchase displays
    • Produces crisp, white graphics and text on transparent media
    • Achieves exceptional brightness, density and opacity
    • Images well on a wide range of uncoated media for lower production costs
    • Highly durable and scratch resistant for easy handling through the finishing and installation processes
    • User-friendly, virtually odorless and competitively priced to maximize profits
    • Supported by Roland VersaWorks™ RIP software
    • New and Improved for the XC-540

      White InkFormulated specifically for use with Roland’s high-performance 54” SOLJET PRO III XC-540 inkjet printer/cutter, White ECO-SOL MAX™ ink is new and improved over original Roland white ink, introduced in 2005 as the industry’s first white eco-solvent ink.

      White ECO-SOL MAX™ ink offers even higher levels of brightness and opacity and delivers superior imaging across a variety of transparent media for text and graphics that reflect crisp, defined edges and smooth gradations. Enhanced scratch and chemical resistance adds durability to finished prints. SC-545EXW customers using Roland’s original white ink can upgrade to White ECO-SOL MAX™ as well.

    • Superior Opacity and Density

      White ECO-SOL MAX™ ink yields a higher opacity and greater density levels than the previous generation white ink. As a result of these improvements, it’s now possible to print high quality white gradations and achieve a higher colour gamut when using the white ink as an undercoat for CMYK. Even on clear media, prints will display brighter whites and more intense colours than ever before.

      Opacity & Density

      The increased density of White ECO-SOL MAX™ ink provides better coverage for designs with large white areas and ensures smooth gradations and sharper text and graphics on clear media. Roland’s new white ink formulation enables better dot shape control which helps eliminate the appearance of small scattered satellite droplets.

      Density & Opacity

      Sharper text and graphics can now be produced on a wider range of coated and uncoated media.

    • Profitable White Ink Applications

      ApplicationsChoose from a wide selection of clear media for packaging comps, window graphics, POP, labels and decals. For these and other applications, White ECO-SOL MAX™ ink prints flawless white floods, highlights, graphics and text, and can be printed as an undercoat to increase the opacity and vividness of four-colour printing.

    • Five White Ink Printing Options

      The XC-540 has been engineered for flexible production and allows users to take advantage of five printing options: single-colour White, four-colour CMYK and five-colour CMYK+W, W+CMYK and CMYK+W+CMYK. When white ink printing is selected in VersaWorks, the printer outputs at 720x1440 dpi. In this mode, white ink graphics print at 3.6 sqm./hr. (high-quality W-Pass) and CMYK images print at 5.29 sqm./hr. (high-quality). For increased productivity, standard colour (CMYK) applications can be printed at accelerated speeds of up to 27.9 sqm./hr. in high-speed 540x360 dpi mode.

      Print Mode Resolution colour White
      High-Speed 540x360 27.9 sqm./hr. N/A
      Standard 360x720 14 sqm./hr. N/A
      High-Quality 720x1440 5.29 sqm./hr. 3.6 sqm./hr. (W-Pass)
    • Uncoated Media Compatibility

      Uncoated MediaWhite ink printing requires the ability to print on a range of coated and uncoated surfaces. Roland has tested a broad range of clear media. After extensive testing, White ECO-SOL MAX™ ink samples with 200% solid white areas show significantly greater white density than Roland’s previous generation white ink. The ability to achieve these densities on uncoated media enables lower running costs in a production environment.

      White ECO-SOL MAX demonstrates superior smoothness and even surface appearance on a wide range of uncoated and coated clear media after drying and has been certified for outstanding performance on several Roland media including SCM-SPVCT Clear Adhesive Vinyl and ESM-CCVP Clear Calendered Vinyl with Permanent Adhesive.

    • DU-540 Dryer/Blower Unit Recommended

      When equipped with White ECO-SOL MAX ink, the XC-540 can be upgraded with the DU-540 dryer/blower unit. This enhancement will expedite production and ensure optimum results. Recommended drying time is 15 minutes to ensure complete dryness and full image saturation when overprinting in CMYK.

    • VersaWorks™ Support

      VersaWorksWhite ECO-SOL MAX™ ink is formulated to perform with Roland VersaWorks RIP software. VersaWorks recognizes the unique properties of files created for white ink and optimizes those files for output to the SOLJET. In addition, VersaWorks advanced profiles help ensure quality output when using the high-density required for white ink applications

    • Low Running Costs

      The new White ECO-SOL MAX™ ink offers not only greater imaging performance but also a 20% cost savings compared to Roland’s original white ink. The average ink cost for a full 200% saturation white flood comes to about $15.38 per square meter. Since the new ink offers greater density and opacity than the previous generation, less ink can be used depending on the overall white density needed.

    • Special Requirements

      With White ECO-SOL MAX™ ink installed on your XC-540, you can quickly and easily print brilliant white text and graphics onto both clear and reflective media substrates, all within the safety and simplicity of an eco-solvent environment.

      These advantages are made possible by the unique composition of White ECO-SOL MAX™ ink, chemical properties that slightly alter the performance, operating costs and maintenance procedures of the XC-540.

      Due to the unique characteristics of white ink, additional care is required when installing and maintaining an XC-540 with white ink capabilities. White ink has a tendency to settle in the cartridge, making it necessary to agitate the cartridge before installing it in the printer and again before each use. It is necessary to perform routine ink system maintenance to ensure ink lines remain free of sediment.

      The XC-540 includes two firmware-controlled maintenance reminders to ensure proper operation. If the printer has been idle for 12 hours or more, it will prompt for maintenance by displaying [Ink Refreshing Normal] on the control panel. If the printer has been idle for one week, it will display the maintenance prompt [Ink Refreshing Full].

      Roland recommends following these prompts and allowing the cleaning process to take place. A normal cleaning cycle will utilize roughly 22.2ml of ink per white cartridge. A full cleaning cycle requires the use of a cleaning cartridge and will use approximately 41.3ml of white ink per cartridge.

      In addition, the prompt for [Ink Refreshing_Full] will be displayed after 2 weeks regardless of printer usage. Although Roland recommends adhering to all maintenance prompts, it is possible to cancel a maintenance cycle by pressing the printer’s MENU key.

      Roland recommends an ideal operating environment between 20° C to 32°C (68°F to 90°F) to maintain consistent white ink print quality.  Lower temperatures can cause white ink misting that reduces image sharpness.The optional DU-540 dryer unit is recommended with the XC-540 printer/cutter configured with white ink to ensure proper ink drying and optimum results on a wide range of media.

      Once an XC-540 is configured for white ink it cannot be reconfigured as a six colour printer.

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